After almost a generation, The ARP Mission, (the Pakistan Field Office of World Witness, the Board of Foreign Missions of The Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) Church, USA is again providing quality education from a Christian world view to both boys and girls. Most students come from very poor families who are unable to provide them with a good education.

The ARP Mission is able to provide this benefit at reasonable costs to the Christian population which is challenged by limited opportunities and resources. And it’s not limited just to kids from ARP families. Other Christians and even non Christians may seek enrollment in these programs. As we consider the task before us, The ARP Mission is excited with the opportunities and challenges we face. Quality education is a crucial issue for the ongoing development of communities in Pakistan, and especially among Christians in this region. There are possibly more than 100,000 Christian children who need educating, and the majority population is also eager to obtain quality training and skills for life challenges. Several have requested us to do more in the field of education, so their children might also compete effectively in the global community. What an opportunity that presents! They may all now have hope for a brighter future through ARP Mission Schools.